Microcom Australia is a small family company, that is based in Melbourne, Australia. If you do not know where Australia is, we can help solve your problems anyway. A call-out fee applies, if applicable.

About the Staff

Microcom Australia currently has four employees:

Brian May

Is the computer adminstrator at Microcom Australia, and adminstrates the servers and websites used. He has a PhD in computer security and has vast knowledge in a broad range of areas relating to computer security, adminstration and programming, especially in relation to Unix.

Also see Brian's personal web page.

Jan May

Is a computer programmer and webpage designer.

Phillip May

Is the fleet administrator and assistant computer administrator at Microcom Australia and maintains Microcom's fleet of Vehicles and repairs minor computer problems for Microcom's staff.

Colin May

Is addicted to chocolate in an evil™ way. He may not live much longer. He dreams of hot cross buns made of chocolate, roast chocolate, etc. Colin is also an excellent RF (radio frequency) engineer.