Microcom Australia has skills in a range of different areas including programming, administration, RF design, and web page design.

How we can help you

Will can provide technical assistance for any of the following services:


Do you want to have your own webpage? We can assist you with creating your own webpage, either for personal or business use. We can offer suggestions as where you might want to host it. A website is an important tool in todays environment and can be used to provide information and advertise your products/services.


Are you worried that your computer may not be secure? Are you worried that your computer may not be safe from hackers? Security issues are becoming more and more important as computers are becoming more common, since that data stored on them is becoming more and more valuable.


Do you have any programming that needs to be done? Any programming required, in most languages is possible, for most operating system. Known languages include Ada, C, C++, Java, Perl, and Python. Known operating systems include Unix based systems (including different Linux based operating systems such as Red-Hat and Debian).

RF Design

We can assist you in your RF design problems.